Ethan Beddard

rendered spaceship

About Me

As a Physics student at the University of St. Andrews, I am captivated by the intricate workings of the universe and its fundamental principles.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I love writing code, creating 3D digital artwork and also bringing ideas to reality with physical projects.

Equipped with a versatile skillset, I bring concepts to life through code and craftsmanship, merging the digital and physical

Looking ahead, I am excited to continue my journey in both academic and creative spheres, pushing my knowledge and developing my skills.

UV map of spaceship


I am currently in my second year studying physics at the University of St Andrews.

I am doing a masters degree and will potentially move to a PhD after this.

For first year university, I was on the deans list for academic acheivement meaning I did very well in all modules/subjects over the whole year.

UV map of spaceship



Over the past months, I have been using blender lots to both design ideas for projects or just for fun. Recently, I have been getting really into developing some Blender Addons, which are extra scripts that provide additional functionality/aspects to the software.

I belive blender is an exceptional peice of software and it inspires me to be creative and take on new challenges.

Website Design

I have been learning website design recently, mainly using javascript frames works called React.js and Next.js (both of which are used in developing this site). I aim to become good at designing and implementing websites so that at some point I could make them for other people too.

Sound Engineering

One of my most recent projects, have been a DIY electric guitar and speaker. I am facinated by the engineering behind sound design and want to learn more about it. An example of this would be how I am using a digital signal processing board to programatically adjust the tone of my speaker.


After coming to university, I have picked up judo as a main sport of mine. I hope to get better and better at this as I really enjoy it and look forward to training every week.

UV map of spaceship